One of the hardest tasks as a startup founder is to hire the next set of leaders. Last year, I faced the challenge to more than double our headcount at my company Passbase to more than 30 FTEs in the midst of a pandemic. We had to very quickly hire team members that are far more senior than we founders were and therefore spent a lot of time interviewing candidates.

But recruitment is a problem every founder faces, whether it’s in the first month or at a later stage and soon the personal network of people to recruit from is…

How a founder peer group can help you scale your company and become a better founder

Founding a startup is an incredible rewarding experience, but also tough and challenging in many situations. It is hard, tiring and often compared to running a marathon. Another similarity to sport that I observed while founding Passbase, was that one of the most motivating & helpful aspects was to compare oneself to other founders & their startups.

It might sound controversial at first, but I’d even say competing with them in a healthy way, about progress and accomplishments. …

How we worked to build online trust through 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic and a sneak peek of what’s to come

This year, we have achieved many accomplishments here at Passbase. We doubled our team, grew our client base tenfold and launched many exciting features for our developer community and clients. Looking back, we can now clearly see the major leaps we took with our product, laying the solid groundwork for more game changing features to come in 2021.

When we are in the thick of developing, it is often easy to focus on what still needs to be done. Now is the time to reflect on 2020’s highlights.

Expanding the identity verification suite

By Mathias Klenk, the founder of Passbase

The Internet is a playground — one that has enabled some of the biggest innovations across recent decades. With the ability to access a number of products and services instantly from any connected device, it’s no wonder it has become a mainstay of most households and businesses around the globe.

Why decentralization still matters.

An enhanced digital experience is largely powered by tapping into data — data that can help companies decode user preferences, shopping patterns, payment choices, and other related transactions that have simplified our lives. A major part of this was enabled by centralized services. …

We at are building a more privacy-centric user identification

On January 21st, Google was fined $57M for breaching Europe’s stringent new data privacy regulations, GDPR. In a statement made by French data protection agency, Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL), the company was fined due to deficiencies in the way user data was processed when presenting personalized ads.

The investigation was first opened in May of last year, when CNIL received two complaints from associations NOYB and La Quadrature du Net (LQDN). Both associations were mandated by thousands of their users to reproach the US search engine for not having any legal or valid reason to use…

We at trying to solve digital identity on a decentralized system

And why we at passbase think a decentralized approach is a necessity

Our team was recently introduced to one of Google’s earliest investors as a potential business angel. He reviewed our company overview and gave us his perspective on the digital identity space:

I don’t see how you have enough moat against Google, MSFT, Amazon, Facebook, etc doing the same thing.

This is a question we hear a lot, so we decided to publish our answer. The question seems to come down to what you believe about the future of the internet more than anything else — That’s what makes it so interesting. Here was our response:

Thank you for your feedback…

It is our pleasure to announce that Coinance’s portfolio management features have launched on Android! Coinance users on Android and iOS will now be able to connect their Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, GDAX, Kraken and Poloniex wallets (with more on the way). Users can also manually add coins in case they are in cold storage or are held on a currently unsupported exchange.

Over the next few weeks we will be integrating more exchanges including Gemini, Bitstamp and Bittrex. We love to hear from our amazing users so please feel free to contact us via Telegram, email, or in the comments below if you have have feedback. We have some amazing new developments including a new website on the way, so stay tuned!

It’s our great pleasure to officially announce the launch of Coinance on iPad. We are very happy to enable even more Apple users to effectively manage their portfolio, track the crypto market, read crypto news, and stay up-to-date on more devices.

Besides that our team has been hard at work to make the full version of Coinance available to Android users. We also have started testing our payment features on iOS so that users can connect wallets and make payments to merchants and other users.

If you are interested in working on the future of payments and in crypto, drop…

It is a great pleasure for me to announce our second big feature update and more important finally the Android Version. We are super excited to support Coinance now for even more users! The version has all features from our first iOS launch version and here is a screenshot from the App.

Though Android users don’t have access to wallet features like on iOS yet, but stay tuned we are working very hard and trying to bring it up on sync with iOS over the next few weeks that you can also connect all your APIs and manage your portfolio!

In our latest update, we have implemented an exciting new feature where users can connect their exchanges with us. Many users who hear this, might be concerned about the security of this feature and heard news about API key hacks / scams in cryptocurrency Apps over the last few months. Therefore, I wanted to take the chance and outline how at Coinance we handle your API key pairs and deal with our users data in general. …

Mathias J. Klenk

Co-Founder at Passbase | Angel Investor

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